3 Things You Must Know! Before Starting To Build Your Website.

Hi we all know that opening a website is something exciting but, because you get excited you forget sometimes very important things that you need to do in order to have it go as you want, and be successful.

Before you contact the developer you need to know what do I want him to do for me? What type of design, layout, etc..., people make a mistake they don't know, but developers aren't marketers, and when they create for you an online store, he does it, the way he understands.
And of course don't forget to choose the right name for your website something that tells about what you are about, but if it's just a random word make sure that it should b easy to pronounce..
Buy the domain at a known company you can trust and make sure to also add the privacy setting so you won't get all spammed emails from people around the world offering you services you don't want to use.

4 Tips On How To Expand Your Business To Online.

I hear from people every day that they want to expand their business to also sell online, but they are worried and have all types of questions.

Is it worth the investment of building a website?Do I even have the opportunity?Are my products something people are interested in?Where do i start ? So let me explain you these question and answer it.Yes, it’s true building a website is a bit of an investment, but “ the potential of having your own site doesn’t have any limit how successful you can bewith it,” building a website will cost you one time to build it. but afterwards, there won’t be any recurring cost, besides the yearly domain and hosting fees, don’t forget it’s not just building a website and orders will start to flow in the next day, you will need to start with marketing it, read my blog here (coming soon), on how to do marketing that will bring results you're waiting. Question 2, YES there is a huge opportunity for you as well, for example, let’s say that you are a restauran…