4 Tips On How To Expand Your Business To Online.

I hear from people every day that they want to expand their business to also sell online, but they are worried and have all types of questions.

  • Is it worth the investment of building a website?
  • Do I even have the opportunity?
  • Are my products something people are interested in?
  • Where do i start ?

So let me explain you these question and answer it.

Yes, it’s true building a website is a bit of an investment, but “ the potential of having your own site doesn’t have any limit how successful you can bewith it,” building a website will cost you one time to build it. but afterwards, there won’t be any recurring cost, besides the yearly domain and hosting fees, don’t forget it’s not just building a website and orders will start to flow in the next day, you will need to start with marketing it, read my blog here (coming soon), on how to do marketing that will bring results you're waiting.
Question 2, YES there is a huge opportunity for you as well, for example, let’s say that you are a restaurant looking to offer your food online, so customers could purchase from their home and have it delivered quickly, this will give you a lot of flexibility on your competition who is not doing it yet, and even for those who are selling online already, you could offer for example Late delivery times, Special offers for first time customers, and different offers for coming back customers, and much more.
Question 3, how do I know if my products are something people are interested in? were are talking now about local businesses wanting to expand to selling online, “so here you go if people are buying in your shop so why should they not buy online?” of course you're always need to check the price you can offer, but not always it's the price that convinces someone to buy from you it could be, that “the service you offer is what it brings them to buy from you” and your allowed to be a bit more expensive if the service is what brings them, so if your products sell well offline why not sell it online on your own site!.
Question 4, So where do I start? that’s a question everyone asks.
first of all, do the research about what your competitors are doing, ask yourself are they selling online? What is the pricing they offer, can you offer better? with what are you different from them so people come to you?.

So Here Is a Subtotal What We Spoke About.

  • Building a website is an investment ,But the potential it has, haves no limit.
  • There is place for you as well to sell online, offering late delivery Special offers for new customers and different offers for coming customers can helps you stand out.
  • If your products are something people are interesting to buy in shop, why should they not buy it online, remember the service you offer is what it brings them to buy from you”
  • Start with doing research, on your products, your competitors, what people are looking for, and more.
I’m a Business Consultant helping companies grow their online presence and sales, have this article helped you by anyway than please don’t forget to Applause or contact me.


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